i’m sammy. i taught myself how to sew cause i wanted some cool outdoorsy shorts, and they turned out pretty good. my friends wanted some too, so i started giving 'em away, and eventually selling ‘em.
takeouts are good for outdoor stuff - skating, swimming, climbing, running, or whatever. they're made out of tuff, quick drying nylon. they have two big ol' front pockets, a velcro back pocket, and a gusseted crotch.

they look good on guys, gals, and everyone else. you can wear 'em low on the hips, or higher up on the waist.
i can’t keep up with demand on my little sewing machine anymore, so i get ‘em made by a small clothing company in bali. they’re pretty good at making shorts, and their sewing is much better than mine.

thank you, come again!